St.Mary's Province Manthavady conducts  various programmes for the integral development of sisters . Such as :

  • Superiors Course

            First and foremost the duty of a superior is to lead the sisters to prayerful life through spiritual animation. In order to   help them to do their service effectively, Province conducts  courses once in three months. It enables them to understand their own strengths and  weaknesses, to improve self acceptance and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. This course includes seminars, classes, discussions and evaluations.

  • Senior Sisters' gathering

            The scripture says"Behold, how good and pleasant  it is  when brothers dwell in unity!".In the beginning  batch gatherings were  conducted  on batch level. Since the past 12 years, it is done age wise

  • Super Seniors
  • Seniors and young seniors
  • Super seniors Course

            We conduct  super seniors course to help them to tackle their  problems of ageing, to get an opportunity  to share their life experiences to each other and to lead a peaceful life. This programme includes  classes ,discussions, sacrament of reconciliation, Holy Mass, documentation on life of saints  and outings etc.

  • Seniors and Young Seniors Courses.

St.Mary's Province organizes gatherings  for senior and young senior sisters. It helps them to nourish spiritual, mental and social spheres of their lives. Experienced personalities from different  fields take classes on  various subjects. This course also includes adoration, Holy Mass, planned recreation, picnic etc.

  • Juniors'Course

            Formation is an ongoing process .So every three months juniors gather together  in Provincial house or  in any other convents  with their mistress. This course aims to deepen faith and to facilitate  vowed life and also to get opportunities to share their experiences with batch mates and mistress. It includes sacrament of reconciliation, Holy Mass, adoration spiritual guidance  etc.

  • Annual Retreat

            Annual retreat and monthly recollections  are effective  means for the  renewal of our religious    life. Province conducts six days programmes for sisters. This retreat includes  classes, meditation, sacrament of  reconciliation etc. It is a chance for sisters to  revive  their consecration to our Lord and helps to become effective servants to bring the joyful  love of God and message of salvation to all men.

  • Home Mission Programme.

  Family is the basic unit of the church .Safeguarding the sanctity and integrity of the  family, which  is the miniature  church , is our topmost priority. So Home mission is a courageous  step in the  field of  family apostolate. Members  of the  team gather once in a month  and spend  time  in prayer and fasting. After class and spiritual  directions the team accept suggestions and  corrections from superiors. Then they decide  about  the future programmes . This gatherings increase  fraternity  among members, improve prayer life of the sisters as well  as the family renewal .

Course for Teachers.

"Lack of education is as serious as  lack of food. An illiterate person is really one who starves in  spirit". Sisters working in field of education should have faith vision, much kindness and they should be properly trained .So  Provincial department conducts various  programmes according  to the  need. They are  follows.


-Discussions on developments, modern trends, problems and  requirements etc.

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