Social Service

In collaboration with the Social Service Society of the diocese, FCC sisters do what they can for the welfare of the community. The scheme consists of many programs and the sisters make it a point to participate in most of them.

They also plan and organize schemes of their own. Sky-birds are the community of beggars in and around Mananthavady. once in a while they come together in the Provincial house and spend a day playing games, singing and praying. They are dressed well, they eat well, and they enjoy themselves and forget to be beggars at least for a day. The police and other agencies appreciate this service and help the sisters in whatever way they can. Similar groups of AIDs patients, Mental patients and other marginalized sections are also organized and run by the sisters. The homeless are particularly cared for and provided with. Marriage, treatment education, occupational training etc. are beyond the ken of many poor people and the sisters extend a helping hand. Of course, many people of good will replenish the other hand of theirs.

People in Wayanad live a life very close to Nature. This Mother Nature is sometimes very harsh on them. Flood, landslide, drought and similar inclemency of weather deeply hurt them. Since most of them are farmers, they are often rendered helpless by the loss of livelihood consequent upon these calamities. The vacuum so created is soon filled in by the service of the sisters. They bring them relief from different corners. This of course is possible due to the charity of other men of good will. 

Jail ministry and Harijan Welfare are also some of the areas to which the sisters give their substantial contribution.

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