Healing Ministry

Foremost of the services the FCC earns render, is healing, a ministry very dear to Our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is also a fundamental need of the community they are thrown into. The farmers can produce food materials by their hard work. They can also put up shelters of various types and styles. Though scarce in the beginning, their income could buy clothing of some sorts. However, when they fell sick, everything get upset. Their expertise was inadequate to heal themselves. Here the sisters came to their succour as nightingales and brought to them trained basic medical assistance.

          Though rooted and provincialized in Mananthavady, Wayanad, the Province has also taken up extended work in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Germany and Italy.

          The sisters run primary dispensaries in almost all the places they are present in. They also serve as expert assistants in full-fledged hospitals as in Kalpetta, Germany and Italy. As of now, in Kalpetta alone, a fleet of 14 sisters works. In Germany, they staff a hospital and an Old Age Home (a great need in that country). Nine members are working there. Italy has the presence of four members and  three  of them are working in the healing ministry. One among them render free service in the field of re-evangelization and counselling.  In Karnataka the sisters run five dispensaries and in Kerala  two   homeo dispensaries are  staffed by them. The Province  has   tree Allopathic,   one  Homeopathic  doctors, 28 staff nurses  and 10 paramedical staffs. It maintained a leprosy home for some time; but this area of work though befitting for the daughters of St. Francis had to be abandoned. In many places recently, good hospitals came up and the sisters had to give up their dispensary works.

          Healing is a mystery and often is nothing less than a miracle. Much of Our Lord's miracles related to healing the sick and raising the dead. Same is the experience of the sisters engaged in this ministry. Some of these are also seen and recognized as such by the local community as well. Needless to say, it is highly rewarding to the sisters, even at this end of the grave.

This ministry ramifies into many subsidiary services such as helping the poor dialysis patients. People may be reluctant to donate a kidney, but they do donate some money for the benefit of the unfortunate dialysis patients. The sisters stand in between the donors and the recipients as catalysts to keep the charity going. 
Recapturing the addicts through Alcoholic Anonyms is another subsidiary service. The very last service in healing is to prepare the terminally ill for a peaceful death whereas the very first of such services is to grant a child the right to be born (pro-life). The sisters extent their work to cover these two ends.

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